River Rapids Rewards Program







Introducing River Rapids Rewards Program

The rewards program is available for River & Tequila Rio!


Here is how it works: 

1. Sign up with with your email and your account will be linked to that email address.

2. One point is earned for every dollar spent at any restaurant in our the River Restaurant Group (River: A Waterfront Restaurant & Bar | Tequila Rio | Atrium Cafe & Bar)

3. Points can be earned through dine-in, when ordering takeout/delivery, or when booking an event with us. 

Special Notes:

* Multiple credit cards can be linked to one account, but only one email address/phone number can be used.

* When dining, only the person paying the check will receive the points that the table earned.

* Points will also be earned when booking events with any of the River Restaurant Group Restaurants, but again, can only go towards one credit card.

* A complete list of rules for the program will be published on our website soon, so stay tuned!

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