Events by River

Events by River & Tequila Rio

The TR Barroom (up to 55 guests)

Featuring a seven-seat bar, high top and standard seating for about another forty-five guests, the TR Barroom is an intimate tropical jungle atmosphere, perfect for any type of shower, business meeting, reunions, or birthday celebrations!

The Columbia Boardroom (up to 25 guests)

Located directly attached to River: A Waterfront Restaurant & Bar, this boardroom offers secluded privacy and dining at one 26-foot mahogany table.

The TR Room (up to 100 guests)

The TR Room is used primarily as the inside dining room for Tequila Rio: Mexican Cantina. Relaxed and fun is the name of the game in this room.

The TR Tent (up to 200 guests)

Located directly on the bank of the Connecticut River, with sweeping views of the river and the Hartford skyline to the north, the Tequila Rio tent is the most scenic area around, perfect for any occasion.

**For Extra Large Events, weddings, corporate parties, etc., both River: A Waterfront Restaurant & Bar and Tequila Rio’s dining rooms and bars can be available. If you have any questions, please email us through our contact form or by [CLICKING HERE]!**